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Ice Cream and the Movies!
by Adelle McKinney

We were the generation that grew up with Television.  Every day and on Saturdays we were glued to the TV watching John Wayne, the cowboy; Buster Crabbe, the space cadet; Engineer Bill, Tom Hatton, the Mickey Mouse Club, and Sheriff John.  What a wonderful world of fantasy and dreaming!  We could be anything!  We could achieve anything!  The people in the movies did - and we imagined we could too!

Today's movies are lacking that quality. Violence, killing, corruption, cheating, stealing...all glorified except in real live it is not glamorous at all.  But in the movies of the depression 1930-1950 there almost was always had a happy ending.

I love happy endings.  We want to end well.  We want to achieve our goals, and the vision that God has placed upon our hearts!  We want to do well and we want to be satisfied that we did our best!

Movies can be inspirational!  They can turn defeat into victory.  They can show the value of doing the right thing!

Here's some of my favorites, Adelle's Classics should see.  I've link them to Amazon.com or Christianbooks.com but you can get them otherplaces for much less! The Christian world is making independent movies that are outstanding! Flywheel, Faith like Potatoes, Facing the Giants are just a few of these outstanding faith building releases.

My new Favorite Movies and TV is found on
http://www.dramafever.com or www.viki.com

My recommendations:
1. Boys Over Flowers
2. Dong Yi
3. Queen Deon Seon
4. Moon Embraces the Sun
5. YiSan
6.  Fated to Love You
7   Jumong
8.  Warrier Baek Dong Soo
9.  City Hunter
10.  Faith
11. To the Beautiful You
12. Winter Sonata
13. King of Dramas
14.  The Princess's Man
15.  Rooftop Prince
16. Joseon Gunman
17.  SungkyunwanScandal
18.  Kingdom of the Wind
19.  The Night Watchman's Journal
19. Chuno
20. Monstar
21.  Dream High
22. Golden Rainbow
23. My Love from Another Star
24. Wonderful Mama

Friendly Persuasion,
It's A Wonderful Life, 1946
Lassie Come Home, 1943
Sergeant York, 1941
Sleepless in Seattle, 1993

Christian Movies

Wizard of Oz
12 O'clock High
Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Food, Inc.Food Inc.   (This film was directed by Mike's niece in law Elise Pearlstein Felice.)

Gone with the Wind
Sound of Music
Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
Sergeant York

What happened to the Cowboy Movie Stars?



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