A Happy Ending

One of the most beautiful sights in ministry is to see a pastor and his/her spouse celebrating their 25th plus year in ministry!

I  think of a cute story I once heard about an old couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Someone asked them this question, "It's wonderful how you both survived 60 years of wedded bliss.  Now tell me truthfully during those 60 years, didn't you ever contemplate divorce."

The wife smiled and answered, "No sir.  
But we did think about murder a few times."

When our eyes are focused on Jesus, He gives us the strength and patience to overcome every test and trial that arises in our path as a married couple as a ministry couple.  During the tough times, and all couples have tough times, the key is to keep focused on Jesus.  

He brought us together for a divine purpose.  This trial will not last.  And as we come through each and every storm of life, our love and respect for one another will grow, if our relationship to Jesus Christ continues to grow.

Couples who experience trouble will often find that their relationship to the Lord began to get cold first before their relationship with one another.

Going to church, doing your duty or job as a pastor, studying for your weekly sermon is not building and nurturing your relationship with the Lord. 

Either is providing the paycheck to pay the bills, putting food on the table, or taking out the trash, developing or nurturing your relationship with your wife.

Happy couples who have happy endings have discovered the treasure of nurturing and deepening the relationship they have with the Lord and one another and that takes effort!

Here's to some happy couples whom we love and respect who have pass the 25 year mark in ministry and marriage!

Please send me the names of pastors and we'll add them to our list!

Michael and Adelle McKinney, 39 years +
Larry and Glory Larimore, 36 years +
Ken and Sandy Clowdus, 49 years +
Bill and Marlene Schultz, 56 years +
Morris and Theresa Cerullo, 60 years +

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