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When you are at the end of your rope what should you do?

Who counsels the pastor's wives? They face the same predicament as pastors do.  Congregations think pastors are like Jesus; they are miracle workers and can walk on water.  They think pastor wives are blessed being married to a man who can walk on water.  So who encourages the pastors? 

friendsPastors need friends.  When everything is fine, look for a friend.

Thank goodness we have developed a pastor's network of friends.  These are friends in ministry whom we know really love us and care about our ministry.  You need a network of supportive friends to whom you can share a problem or a need without fear of recriminations.  Develop a network of pastor friends in ministry. 

The saddest thing in ministry is to see a pastor or a pastor's wife fall or leave the ministry because they had no one to encourage them or counsel them through the tough times.

Pastors need to be loved too!  So, when you find a friend who loves you without reservations, treasure them.  They are a gift from God.

And, if all else fails, go shopping!
(Just kidding).

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