Fortunately for me, being raised in church all my life and having access to viewing the lives of many pastors, evangelists and missionaries who would come through our church to visit, hold a revival, or stay awhile, I had the opportunity to see what the life of a pastor and his wife is all about.

I did not have any grand illusions such as those displayed by the "tele" evangelists, or big named gospel stars.  I saw the daily grind, dedication and commitment these men and women of God endure to make a difference in the lives of 50-100 men and women making up the average church.

There is one big secret that pastors wives should know, "When God is truly first in your husband's life, you will be second."

When God is not first, you'll probably be 3rd or 4th in line, with his career and ministry falling in second place, or a need for self affirmation.  That is a very dangerous place.

I remember years ago when I first learned this lesson.  We had been pastoring for 7 years.  Being founders of a ministry is not easy.  There is a lot of sacrificing going on in the early years.  My husband wasn't happy, being young and ambitious as most newly ordained pastors are, he was desiring something more.  Something bigger.  Something greater.

At this point, I was doing my best to be supportive of his every idea and vision.  His vision for ministry took the priority, which I could understand and not me.

One day, we were introduced by a friend to a missionary evangelist who conducted huge crusades in third world nations.  We attended several of the meetings and seminars, and our lives were transformed.  At that point, my husband re-encountered the Lord Jesus Christ in his life this time not as Savior, but as master.  Whooa! 

It wasn't my ministry, but His ministry.  Wasn't my life, but His life?  During those times, when his relationship and fellowship with the Lord was increased, so was ours.
He valued me and cherished me a little more because he knew that it would be TOGETHER that we could make an impact on our world.

Wives, when you husbands want more of God, don't be jealous or afraid; Seek God together.  Be a team.  Be supportive!  



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