Okay so you're not a singer or a speaker, neither am I.  But, remember everyone has a gift!  As pastors wives, we must be careful not to compare our gifts with others wishing to be like Sister so and so.  

We all have gifts.  We all are beautiful in Jesus Christ.  We all can make a difference.

We were not blessed with children.  Some of the most beautiful sights to me are pastors who raised a godly family.  It is such a blessing to see children in their teenage years serving God faithfully.  That is truly an accomplishment in these days and much of that credit goes to pastors and their wives who make the spiritual well being of their families a priority.

Some pastors wives are wonderful homemakers.  That is not my gift.  I marvel at pastors wives who have the talent to decorate even to the smallest detail their kitchen tables etc.  That is a marvelous gift. 

Okay so cooking is not my bag either.  The old saying is "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."  If that is true, then I must have missed long ago as my poor husband has heartburn and eats tums.

We as pastors wives, sometimes sit around thinking that if only I was like so and so...  Stop, that's negative thinking!

God made you and me just that way we are.  Let's develop and use our gifts to minister to the body of Christ and be supportive of the ministry God has given to us. (team)

We all don't have to be in the front, we can be used mightily in the ministry of helps ...  This may be old fashioned, but if we can make our husbands look good, that is an added blessing.

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